Nadia Sparrow is a flutist and music teacher in the Montreal area. Born in Calgary, Alberta, Nadia began taking private music lessons in voice at the age of seven. She went on to study the flute and the piano and began teaching neighbourhood children at the age of fourteen. Nadia completed a Bachelor of Music Performance in Flute at the University of Calgary during which she spent her spare hours teaching private music lessons and flute clinics for the Calgary Board of Education.

In April 2008 Nadia joined the Canadian Forces Reserves and the Band of the Ceremonial Guard in Ottawa, Ontario where she performed piccolo. The Band of the Ceremonial Guard performs daily on Parliament Hill for the traditional Changing of the Guard and other public performances. In the summer of 2011 Nadia was appointed Assistant Band Sergeant Major and it was part of her duties to conduct the musicians of the band as well as perform with them. During her time with the Ceremonial Guard Nadia was also appointed as musical section leader of the flute section and was responsible for instrument stores.

Nadia moved to Montreal in 2008 and began to pursue a Master of Music in Flute Solo at McGill University under the direction of Timothy Hutchins in 2009. Nadia graduated with a Masters degree in 2011 and began to build a career in Montreal as a freelance musician and music teacher.

After teaching music in various settings for a number of years Nadia was given the opportunity to teach full time at a private school in Montreal. It was there was she realized a musicians career could be merged with teaching in the school system. In 2014 Nadia decided to pursue a Bachelor of Education at McGill University.

In addition to music and teaching Nadia’s other passions are sportive in nature. She is an avid climber and triathlete, participating in multiple triathlons in the summer season. Her most recent accomplishment is completing Ironman Tremblant and she is looking forward to competing in Ironman Whistler with her fiancé in July of 2015.

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