Mapping the ICT Landscape

In reading the ISTE Standards for teachers (International Society for Technology in Education) I was struck by the first standard, “Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning and Creativity”. I learned that teachers are supposed to use their knowledge of technology and subject matter to aid students in having experiences that inspire their own creativity. I feel this is important because the use of technology in the classroom can be incredibly inspiring to students or it can destroy them. If students are not shown how to properly use a technology, they can become frustrated and disillusioned with that technology. It creates a barrier to learning and will cause a distrust between students and teachers. If on the other hand, a teacher is able to show students how to use a particular technology in a way that makes it interesting and inspiring, students will be more interested in using the technology in other projects, they will become more creative with their work and will likely continue to find new and innovative uses for that technology.

For example, in class we were asked to create a quick video that could be used in teaching such as a public service announcement. We got into small groups and my group decided to go into the cafeteria to show different types of food. We used an iPhone and took video of us talking about food and showing the different healthy options that were available. After we had completed our task we edited the video using iMovie. For some reason, iMovie was not working for me on my computer and I became incredibly frustrated with the technology. (Which is why I am only writing about this project NOW.) I gave up on the idea of using that technology as a result of becoming frustrated with it. I am lucky however that I have a fiancé who is a computer software developer and he encouraged me to get familiar with iMovie. I have since used it to create other video projects and appreciate it’s purpose. I am glad that though my first experience with video was not a good one, I was given other chances by my professor to use this technology because it is good and does inspire creativity. All this to say, teachers need to ensure that they facilitate these creative projects and give students many chances to get familiar with a technology so that they can become inspired and integrate it in their lives for the good of learning.

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