Identity, Connections, Technology and Content: Last Reflection

Over the course of this term my view have shifted slightly and yet I have stood firm in my philosophy of teaching. These shifts I have experienced I can see manifested in my teaching style itself and the flexibility with which I approach my lessons and the open-mindedness I am finding with using technology in my teaching. Witnessing the teaching styles of different professors that I have had the privilege of listening to each week has inspired me. I find that my teaching has changed for the better and my thoughts about teaching and learning have evolved. I am more enthusiastic with my students; I have employed further use of technology in my teaching such as utilizing music notation software and video recording my students and myself to aid in learning new techniques. I feel that the use of media and technology in teaching can aid in creating an inclusive classroom as there are many different ways of using the tools that are available to us and everyone is able to choose a different method.

Throughout one’s career and life of teaching and learning, I believe that as educators it is our duty to continue learning and that even as we teach we are learning new things through our teaching. I have continued to notice how much I am actually learning from my students. They show me things that I may improve in myself, they show me ways in which I have been unclear and most importantly, I learn how I may improve my teaching. There are even instances where my students, both younger and older have ideas in how to play something in a different way. I am constantly finding new ways of explaining concepts when I am teaching and new ways of discovering music.

In addition to learning from my professors and my students, I have learned new methods of utilizing technology in my learning and teaching. While I had composed two other blogs in addition to this prior to my media and technology course, I was given the opportunity to explore many different forms of technology. Technologies I was able to use in addition to social networks included learning how to use iMovie and Quicktime to create and edit screencasts and video. I also discovered new music notation software and social network for composers, “Musescore” that in my opinion is just as good as Finale or Sibelius and is free! I was able to use my skills in explanation to create a video about putting the flute together and used different methods of filming this with a new device from Garmin; the VIRB Action Camera. I was also afforded the opportunity to use Audacity and to create an original recording of myself that touched on key issues of our society in the disappearance of Indigenous Women.

If this class has done one thing for me, it has opened my eyes to the possibility that technology affords us endless options for education. I am finding myself more comfortable with exploring these different options and more at ease with just jumping into using new software and media platforms. During the term I found myself using ideas and skills I learned in my media and technology class in other classes and other projects and vice-versa. This tells us that everything we do within the vocation of Education is connected and that we will always be able to learn from one another and from our students as well. I am looking forward to seeing what new technologies are introduced in the next years and how I can include everything that I have learned in my future teaching.

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